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Ghostemane & scarlxrd - владыка

Жанр: Рэп, Хип-Хоп
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Ghostemane & scarlxrd - владыка
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  • Добавлено: 31.08.2021
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  • Длительность: 01:54
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Ghostemane & scarlxrd - владыка
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Клип Ghostemane & scarlxrd - владыка
Текст песни Ghostemane & scarlxrd - владыка
[Verse 1: Scarlxrd]
God, I ain`t got no time for conversations with your God
This here simulation always twisted, it`s so fucked
I know I lack patience, it`s a trait I’d wish would rot
Stuck beside the faceless, swear to god, I`ve had enough
I gotta focus on me, told you I hold it discrete
I`m evolving controlling the speed
They know that Scar is a beast
I`m revolving my thoughts for the cheap
Stacks on me, tell you some facts on beats
Got a few tats, in fact I`m the last of the free
LXRDMAGE gang till there ain`t no path on my feet (Feet)

[Verse 2: Ghostemane]
What you get when you mess with the best
Say less, matter fact, take a guess
Either way, either way, left with the rest
Won`t forget when you tried to gimme the kiss of death
2017, tryna make sign a mess
Now you motherfuckers couldn`t catch up if I stopped to rest
Best of luck I know you need it all Law
Suited up and drowning in the wake of something you think you helped create

[Verse 3: Scarlxrd]
Fuck the suppressants, don`t need no prescription
I`m lifted enough on my tangled ambitions
I killed myself so many times in the past
I don`t know who I am but I`m still on the mission
They hate pace when the pace get`s great
Leveled up a level just by hiding my face
Show me your mental but there`s a time and a place
Creeping on the devil with a 9 to his face
[Verse 4: Ghostemane]
Did it all with a whole lot of work
But I really gotta admit it a minimal effort
Is needed to generate a hate or love
That some of the most plaguing daily creators are treating
As one in the same long as it’s keeping a name
In the brains of the games
Most dedicated donators, haters, lovers all the same

[Outro: Scarlxrd & Ghostemane]
What the fuck? Line them all up
One by one, I`ll slaughter them
Let it fall to ash, let the hope pass
Keep it in check with the foot on the gas, see it fly past
Never been following rules, nigga, fuck that
I`m doing this shit with the gang, we can`t fall back
Put `em under another one of the hundred and one thumbs
Times up bitch, say anything
Pick your poison, drink it up boys